June 23, 2018

Furniture Moving

Moving a heavy furniture items like cabinets, dining table, lounges, sofas, cot or mattress are not an easy to shift. You required experienced and professional movers in dubai to care things to avoid loss of your furniture.

Follow the user manuals for un assemble the furniture items.
Check the weight of the furniture before moving, if the furniture weight is above 25 kgs, it’s recommend to remove the content items before shifting.
Move kids to safe in the other rooms. It will prevent injury or alergy for your kids.
Move the pets into another room as well to avoid injure.
Check the length and height of the doors and remove the door mats and keep it open all the doors. So it’s easy to load your furniture in the trucks.
Use protection cover or gblouse to protect your hands, safety boots to protect your legs and fingers and wear face mask to avoid dust alergies
Try to use trolley if you are moving hearvy weight furniture. Most of the moving companies will provide / use trolley for shifting.
Use lifts or stair case to move the furniture slowly and use belts to keep safely.
Try to park the truck very near to the stair case or lift to avoid moving some more.

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