July 4, 2018

6 Tips before you start looking for flat in Dubai

We have gathered here some basic information about your search. Our top 6 tips before start looking for flat in Dubai might be help for your search.

6 things you need to have if you are looking for flat in Dubai:

  • Get a temporary place to stay for short days or weeks.
  • Get a source of information about builders / promoters / owners.
  • Get an access to the Phone & Internet.
  • Get an average / review rent about the places in Dubai.
  • Get an information about neighbour, schools, parks & shops.
  • Find and get free quotes from packers and movers in Dubai


Temporary Place for Short Days / Weeks :

It’s not an easy to find and get flats in Dubai. So try to reserve at least 2-3 week to find your flats. You have to temporary place to live during this time until get rental agreement signed from the owners. In Dubai, the cost of Hotels are rather expensive and usually with small rooms.

Get information about Builders :

Try to get information about the builders or property owner. And get the document draft copies from them and review before sign an agreement with them. Try to get the documents in English instead of Arabic. And all the terms and conditions would be translated to English. Ready carefully before signed any documents.

Phone Access :

In Dubai, to get the phone access itself is easy with your valid travel or expatriate document. And you can buy it on the telecommunication companies Etisalat or Du.

Review about the places

Here are the most popular websites with offers of flats to rent in Dubai:

Nearest Places in your new Flats :

Get information about nearest super markets, stores, hospitals, etc..,

Find Packers and Movers in Dubai :

They are plenty of website available like moversemiratesadz.com, dialmovers.com to provide an free moving quotes from packers and movers in Dubai. Get an free quotes from moving companies. Compare the price and user review before choose any movers in Dubai


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