July 3, 2018

How to pack and move electronic items safely ?

In our digital world, where electrical goods and items have become key part our of our lifestyle. we can’t do without Television, Fridge, Washing Machine, Air Condition, Music System, Laptops or any other types of electrical goods and home appliances. We need to take extra care about packing and relocation of the electronics goods in safe and good conditions.

Find the right package for your device and pack it with in the original packing. This will be make sure that the items is protected by the necessary materials. Try to keep the packaging safely when buying electronics items.

Remove any batteries in remotes or other accessories.

Another important thing is to carefully remove battery from the devices that you want to pack and move. If there are batteries, remove it.

You may also like to remove CDs and DVDs from your music player, but keeping it inside is also not a bad idea, so it’s up to you.

Be sure to back up important data before putting computer / laptop in storage. The system is unlikely to suffer or damage, if its not properly protected in a safe storage.

Once everything is securely packed in the moving cartons, make sure you seal properly and label it. Labelling each box helps you unpack faster and prevents a frustrating search of devices or objects.

Use bubble wrap and thermo coal for wrapping. This will be avoid collision and scratches mainly.

Many movers and packers companies do the service while doing the moving, it will make your jobs easier and faster if you disconnect and pack your electronic before they get there.

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