July 6, 2018

How many box need for my moving ?

While moving, boxes / cartons are an essential packing material along with other stationary. Few of the peoples are put their items / belongings into the bags. But its not protected in moving. In most of professional movers are suggested to move items in their moving boxes.

How many boxed / cartons I need for my moving ?

Try to categorise your belongings so it can help better to estimate how many boxes will be required for moving. Because numerous boxes will not be used, simply around in the room and occupy unnecessary space and stress. Try to categorise your belongings in the below category :-

  • Dishes
  • Pans
  • Cookware
  • Clothes
  • Stationery’s
  • Others

Estimated Box Figures

1 BHK         05 Small, 05 Medium and 3 Large Boxes.

2 BHK         07 Small, 07 Medium and 5 Large Boxes.

3 BHK         07 Small, 09 Medium and 7 Large Boxes.

4 BHK +         09 Small,11 Medium and 9 Large Boxes.

This is not the always correct or valid case, the estimate will be vary from small homes to villas, However, if you were to call a storage unit or even a packing company, they are going to use these standards to give you an estimate.

Once you have packed the material, ensure that you label the box with serial no and item name. It will help to unpack the materials in the new destination. In our website listed professional movers and packers can help with any move, whether it would be local, office or international shifting.


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